Holli Cell drawings

Holli still looks best when drawn free hand.

I used Photoshop to build these images. It's multi layering capability allows me to experiment with different clothing overlays and backgrounds.

The indoor backgrounds and several of the outdoor backgrounds were made with a ray tracing program.

I also used Vistapro for rendering outdoor scenery. It can render realistic landscapes based on standard Digital Elevation Maps (DEM) or user defined fractal surfaces. Its real strength is its ability to quickly render forests.

I also use Bryce for ray traced outdoor scenery (see the beach images). It can produce very realistic landscapes. It does not automatically generate trees like Vista Pro, but they can be made with simple shapes and its amazing materials or imported as dxf objects.

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232k 197k 207k 209k 157k 163k
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Here is a safety briefing card I made for my favorite airplane.

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